Welcome to our exclusive rewards program - where every purchase earns you Points!
Here's how to get started and make the most out of your shopping experience:
How to Join Our Rewards Program: Visit our homepage and locate the javascriptasppima Rewards popup at the bottom right corner.
Click on the "Join Now" button and fill in your information to sign up.

    Checking Your Points Status:

    For every dollar spent, you earn two Points.
    To view your Points balance, return to the homepage and click on javascriptasppima Rewards again.
    Select "Sign In" and enter your login details to see your Points balance and track progress towards your next reward.

      Earning Points:
      • Receive 150 Points just for signing up.
      • Earn 2 Points for every dollar spent.
      • Like us on Facebook for 20 Points.
      • Share us on Facebook for 50 Points.
      • Write a review for 50 Points.
      • Follow us on Instagram for another 20 Points.
      • Refer a friend for 250 Points.
      • Celebrate your birthday with 500 Points.
        Claiming Your Rewards:
        • 500 Points: €5 off coupon.
        • 1000 Points: €10 off coupon.
        • 2500 Points: €25 off coupon.
        • 1250 Points: Free shipping.
          Applying Your Rewards:  Once you reach the required Points, you'll receive a coupon code via email.  Apply this code at checkout to redeem your rewards on your next purchase.
            Join now and start earning Points towards fantastic rewards!